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For the viewers of this site, let us tell you how our air forces are being used today. We have always been proud of the work being done by 9th Air Force personnel. The 9th AF people are being sent to many locations around the world. Many of them are sent to the far east in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. While there, they are not identified as 9th AF. But, there are a lot of them there. We know they are and will keep doing their best as they have always done in the 9th Air Force. Over there, they do as they always have. They are doing their job in conjunction with all involved military elements  Thanks you guys and gals.

While on the subject, let us be proud of those of the 9th Air Force that have gone to higher echelons of the USAF. For instance, let us thank General John Jumper for all that he has done as Chief of Staff of The United States Air Force. We wish you the best in your retirement years. Another such fine officer has now taken on the job of Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. General T. Michael Moseley. We have always recognized his ability and value.

The officers and members of the Ninth Air Force Association would like to have you become acquainted with our Association, as well as our association with the 9th Air Force and USCENTAF, including the people of all their units, what we do and how we do it.

The Ninth Air Force Association(9AFA) emblem, on the left above, pays due respect and honors the combined 9th Air Force and Central Air Force now represented by the emblem on the right.  These emblems grace the picture of Headquarters 9th Air Force, Shaw AFB, SC. Below, a replica of the World War II fighter bomber, the P-47 Thunderbolt placed on the front lawn to the left of the Headquarters building.

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For other pictures of some of the early and present day 9th AF aircraft see the 9TH AF HISTORY.

The Activities page tells of our relationship with BOTNA,  and now that organization has a web site for all to see and appreciate. Because they are BUDDIES OF THE NINTH, they display items of interest for all 9th Air Force people.

Also: www.B-26MHS.org  for the Marauder Historical Society

The B-26 people are active in the internet. Another B-26 enthusiast and member of the 9AFA has asked to have his web site listed on this site. So, here it is:  http://www.mind.net/rmwefel/index.html

Another new 9th Air Force unit has developed a good looking web site. This for the photo recon folks: http://www.33rdprs.org

The relatives of former 9th Air Force people are trying to keep the memories of WW II in appropriate web sites. One such site is: http://www.creativefatcat.com/lobdell

Are there any others that would like to exchange urls? We have had a request to include more information about A-20 and A-26 organizations. Any takers out there? We would like to know more about them.

Please send feedback about this Web site! Suggestions welcome.


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